Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Years Resolution = FAIL!

Why do soooooo man New Years Resolutions end in failure?

The New Years Resolution actually came from a religious origin. The first resolutioners are thought to be Babylonians who made promises to their gods to do, or not do certain things in their gods pleasing. Some of us Christians can relate to this in modern days with lent. The point is, that resolutions are deeply rooted in tradition. As in religion, these resolutions tend to turn out to be things that we don't "want" to do. 

I mentioned in my first post that I'm not here for a pep talk. Healthy lifestyle is something that you have to want to do. Making a resolution about something you don't want to do is just like giving up something for the Lental Season. What happens when Lent is over?  Most people go back to whatever it is they gave up!  Nutrition doesn't work that way. You can't be can't turn it on for a couple months and expect it to last a lifetime. Even if you have a successful year you can feasibly unravel all progress in a very short time. I'm not by far the first person to say this, but health and fitness is a lifestyle

So what about resolutions?  I vividly remember the time I first started on my fitness journey. I was overweight and kept gaining and gaining. I was tired of buying clothes every time I outgrew them, I was tired of sitting at my desk feeling my stomach roll over my belt, and I was tired of being sluggish. So, instead of buying new pants again I started running. That didn't last long!  It turned out I didn't enjoy running much. Mainly because I was heavy enough that the stress on my knees was pretty painful. So I bought a bike. That bike turned into a passion that I have years later. Plus, I came back to running and after losing weight and building a base that allowed me to run some decent distance, I really enjoy it!  Add swimming, and I went from couch potato to triathlete!

I'm not saying this is what you should do. This turned out to be my Active Path.  You may find a similar path or find your own. But, to me, this was the most important aspect of dedicating your time and effort to a healthy lifestyle. A resolution will fail! A passion for something that gives you a reason to live a healthy lifestyle will last!

Find what you are passionate about. Try some things out. It may be endurance racing, it may be group bike rides at the local gym, it may be mountain climbing, mountain biking, hiking, tough mudders, , running, motor cross or even cooking!  Just find something that gives you a reason to eat properly and excercise regularly. Don't make a mindless resolution you KNOW you're going to hate!!!

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