Sunday, December 22, 2013

APN's Intro

For my first post I want to introduce myself. I'm  a normal person. I work a demanding and stressful job. I have all the time constraints that most people have. But I'm not satisfied  being normal, when it comes to my health. I don't want to be an average person, which by today's medical standards means you weigh enough that body fat is still perfectly visible, and certainly inhibits athletic performance.  I'm a triathlete, a runner, a cyclist, a mountain biker, and generally an active person. I decided to do all this after years of  abusing my body and sedentary lifestyle. I've come a long way, and even had some successes in racing. I've listened to coaches, went to seminars, read books, and countless articles on these subjects.  I'm, by far, not a natural athlete. My success only comes from hard work and dedication. The one thing that's always been a struggle for me is weight!!!

So that's what this blog is about. I've been fat, and I've been slim. I know the effects of being fat on my athletic performance. I know how I got fat, and I know how I got thin!  Problem is, I always seem to be on my way to one or the other. There's no in between with me. So here I hope to document some of these things in a series of articles. My hope is that it will help me stay honest with myself, stay more on the side of getting thin than getting fat, and hopefully help some others that have similar struggles, or just want to find some healthy meal plans and maybe some good recipes.

What I won't do....
-sell you crap!  This blog isn't meant to be a sales pitch
-pretend everyone is the same and should do what I do. One thing that people misunderstand about health and fitness is that one size does not fit all. People have different likes/dislikes and peoples body's respond differently to different methods, foods, workouts, etc..
-preach!  I'm not here for your pep talk, you need to want this!

What I will do....
-write articles that explain nutrition struggles and offer real non gimmick answers
-encourage you to find out what works for you as opposed to canned programs and fads
-share meal plans
-share some yummy recipes
-hope that I can help others find success in fitness and nutrition.

Disclaimer- The contents if this blog are purely suggestions and observations of my own experiences. They are in no way medical advice. Please consult a doctor before considering any diet or changes in your own consumption patterns. Be safe, and be smart!

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