Saturday, January 31, 2015

The 4 Week Burpee Challenge

The 4 Week Burpee Challenge!!!!

When I got injured I had to make a lot of changes in my routines. Gone were the days of thinking that Swimming/Biking/Running more and harder was the only way to get faster at Swim/Bike/Run. I had to find a way to get stronger, more limber, and more mobile, or getting faster wasn't going to happen without injury. 

As I spend my winter putting in base miles, and training for spring races, I can't think of any better time to take up a challenge. A challenge that will force us to take the time to get stronger, more mobile, and hopefully, help us through a season of injury free training and racing. 

What better move to concentrate on than the one we all hate!  But, also the one move that incorporates all the movement and strength building important to us as endurance athletes. 

So I'm issuing a 4 week Burpee Challenge. 

Here it is!!!!...

5 days out of the week take 20 minutes and do your burpees!  Start with 10 minutes of foam rolling. Then get to business

Week 1- 5 days of 20 burpees each day
Week 2- 5 days of 30 burpees each day
Week 3- 5 days of 40 burpees each day
Week 4 -5 days of 50 burpees each day!

February 1 is tomorrow!  What a great day to start. good Luck!!!!!

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