Sunday, January 12, 2014

Eat Dis, Not Dat! Vol. 1

So being, admittedly OCD, I get into a lot of habitual eating. In the past a lot of that eating wasn't the best food/drinks for me. A lot of things, I even thought were "healthy", really weren't. So I've learned to swap out some these foods for more healthy choices. I'd like to share some of those with you. 

Eat dis, not dat!

I'm really busy at work, and work lots of hours. So something easy like cereal was great for me. But most cereals are full of bad things. A lot of them are just a bunch of processed carbs and sugar. Some cereals claim to be "healthy" and some even have whole grains in them, which isn't terrible. But then we add milk from cows pumped full of steroids, and all sorts of un-natural things. Even with organic milk, cereal and milk together is probably more carbs than most people need in a day. We can, certainly, say the same for pancakes, doughnuts, or whatever else bad you're eating in the mornings. 

Swap that cereal out for some eggs and some fruit!  Eggs can be prepared numerous ways and have been referred to as a "superfood". Fruits contain natural sugars and lots of vitamins and minerals you need. Together, they are very filling yet low in calories and full of things your body needs!  Don't be afraid to add some meats in there. Morning is a perfect time to load up in protein.  

Don't eat dat!  While an occasional sandwich with whole wheat bread, organic meat, and some greens are fine.  Most sandwiches are packed with empty calories and preservatives from processes lunch meats and breads. 

Make yourself a salad, or cook up some chicken breasts for the week to take to work with you.  Trust me, most people get more than enough carbs  anyway. You don't need that sandwich. 

3-chips/salty snacks
These things contain almost nothing natural and a whole lot of calories, preservatives, and sodium you don't need. 

Cut yourself up some cucumbers, eat some sugar snap peas, some carrots, or some broccoli quickly steamed in a cup in the microwave with a little water in the bottom and a touch of garlic salt. If you still crave the salt try some dried pork rinds or some beef jerky. 

4-Cookies/ sugary snacks
I don't even have to mention how bad this stuff is.  No, oatmeal raisin is not good for you! Lol

Try a scoop of natural peanut butter or a small square of dark chocolate to get past them sugar cravings. Just don't go overboard. Another good alternative is nuts. Personally, I like to keep a bag of raw almonds in my desk at work for snacks. 

5-Soda/ sugary drinks 
These are so tempting and in your face all the time. Diet soda may even be worse than regular, who knows!  They really don't know a lot about the chemicals in those drinks. Sugary drinks can really add up for calories, and when trying to lose weight almost all processed sugar really is a set back. For me this includes coffee. Because, quite honestly, I am more addicted to the cream and sugar than I am the caffeine!

Tea, water, black coffee, are all good replacements for those sugary drinks. Add a touch of pure honey in your tea to get you past those bad cravings for sugary drinks, or add some low sugar vanilla casin protein powder to help keep you full longer too. Slice up some lemons or cucumbers to put into a pitcher of water for some flavor if you need it. I know other people have thrown in limes or even some fruits for taste. 

Thise are my suggestions to get you out iof those bad habits, and on your way to a healthier way of eating choices.  Make yourself some positive changes!  I made this Vol 1 because as I think I more I'll be sure to share them here. 

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